1407: Block Swap

Block Swap is the perfect way to expand your piecing skills, meet new people, have fun and obtain enough blocks for a very scrappy quilt without having a huge stash of fabric.


Each month, participants receive a pattern and enough focal fabric to make 4 blocks, using fabrics of their choice to complete the blocks which you make at home . At the end of the 6-month series, each participant will have 24 blocks, enough for a bed-sized quilt or several smaller projects. The more we have participating, the more fun we have as the game begins. The friendships that are created last a life time not to mention the laughter that we have as the trading takes place.

Come see...you won't want to miss our new session.


Block Swap meets on the first Saturday of the month.


Registration Fee: $25

1407: Block Swap

$ 6.00
receive a pattern and enough focal fabric to make 4 blocks